Hollie Grant

Hollie Grant:Pilates instructor and sports coach

Founder of the Pilates PT method and the owner of two London Pilates studios, Hollie Grant is acclaimed by British celebrities for her unique approach to sport. She has developed a gentle yet powerful technique combining the benefits of Pilates with breathwork and physical exercise. By performing these movements, your body and mind connect in harmonious alignment. Take advantage of her exclusive visits to the Spa Royal Mansour to practise Pilates with this great name in the field. You will see how Hollie Grant can transform your perception of this discipline forever.

Pilates sessions adapted to your needs

Whether you want to achieve flexibility, regain a flat tummy, or simply maintain your vitality, 75-minute sessions help achieve your goals. Discover the large range of programmes on offer in the sumptuous setting of the Spa Royal Mansour the ideal haven to rebalance your body and mind.

Pilates Reformer

This workshop, using Pilates equipment, corrects muscular imbalances and gently improves your posture.

Dynamic Pilates Mat

Based on the fundamentals of the Pilates method, this class is carried out on floor mats and focuses on strengthening your muscles.

PT Pilates Method

Developed by Hollie Grant, this challenging Pilates session tones your muscles and reduces abdominal fat.

TRX classes

Combining balance, strength and flexibility, this playful and dynamic class mixes a range of Pilates exercises with body-weight suspension.

HIIT Express

Recommended for sportsmen and women, this workout combines both high and moderately intense exercises to stimulate the metabolism.

Pre- and post-natal Pilates

Focused on gentle postural gymnastics, these exercises help with childbirth and postpartum fitness.

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