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The Spa

The Hammam

The hammam is the undeniable star of the Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa and is our signature treatment.  A hammam is a traditional cleansing and beauty ritual.

At the heart of the Spa, an authentic hammam provides guests with a signature bathing ritual that combines heat, fragranced steam, warm water, 'marocMaroc' hammam products and a cold plunge pool to revitalise the body and soul. 

In a soothing light, surrender to the traditional Moroccan purification ritual: the Kessa mitt and the black soap scrub, while lying on hot marble. There, among the sounds of soothing water, hazy steam and the vast space surrounding you, it will leave you with a true feeling of re-birth. This deep sense of ease and relief helps you relish the smoothness of the petal pink marble, the intimate warmth of the moucharabieh alcoves, as well as the softness of the linens in the relaxation rooms.


We offer 3 signature Hammam treatments ranging from 60 to 120-minute treatments;

  • The Hammam Evasion
  • The Hammam Temps pour Soi - The Hammam Time for oneself
  • The Hammam Lumière sur le corps - The Hammam Light on one’s body

All include a deeply cleansing full body scrub, using a traditional Kessa mitt and black soap scrub, which leaves your skin refreshed, revitalized and feeling like silk bringing your body and mind back into harmonious balance.

Hammam treatments have many benefits which include:

  • Enhancing deep relaxation and rejuvenation while reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Physical and emotional detox, helping nourish skin and hair.  
  • The deep heat and steam can also speed up ones metabolism and blood flow;


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Every day from 9.00am to 9.00pm

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The Hammam

The Hammam

The Hammam

The Hammam