Sunday brunch at the Royal Mansour Marrakech: a deliciously gentle start to the day

Escape, indulge and relax are the key words to describe Sunday brunch at the Royal Mansour. Take in the slow pace of the weekend and enjoy a wonderfully fine sweet-savoury feast. A celebration of the palace spirit to be enjoyed with family, friends or that special someone.

Gourmet-lovers’ Sunday treat in Marrakesh

Sunday brunch is a great tradition of the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Every Sunday, from September to June, from 12pm to 4pm, you are welcomed to the palace to enjoy this on-trend culinary experience, not to be missed while in the Ochre City.
Every Sunday, Marrakech ritual is held in the sophisticated setting of the La Table restaurant. Sit in the rural-style terrace, elegant room or one of the intimate lounges; the choice is yours. With the different atmospheres available, the Sunday brunch will never fail to impress.
To awaken your senses one by one, the Royal Mansour and Yannick Alléno have created a fine dining standard Sunday brunch. The experience stays true to the hotel restaurants’ philosophy, focusing on the variety and freshness of the produce to please all palates.

Sunday brunch at the Royal Mansour: prime flavours

While tantalising colourful dishes lay in sight on the buffet, Moroccan and Mediterranean specialities beckon to your table. The delicious tone of the moment is set…At the buffet, barbecue and cheese trolley, culinary creations with cosmopolitan flair compete to stimulate your taste buds.
From one dish to the next, you have all the time in the world to enjoy the marine flavours, braised delights, marinated specialities and sweet treats. An assortment of Moroccan salads, tajines, seafood dishes, meat, cheese, vegetables and fresh fruit are available in abundance on the table of delicacies. The dessert selection, reminiscent of childhood indulgences, adds the final touch to this perfect Sunday brunch.

The Sunday Brunch: practical information

The brunch of Royal Mansour Marrakech is currently not available.

A sensory journey and beyond

Your memory of Sunday brunch at the Royal Mansour will not only be of the freshness of the dishes but also of the immaculate service, discreet little extras and the details that make the meal shine.
The soul can be seen in the immaculate gestures, staging and garnishing of the dishes and kind words from the butler. They reflect the culinary personality of the chef: refined, generous and sophisticated.
From the kitchen to the plate to the garden, all of the ingredients of the Royal Mansour Marrakech brunch come together to make it the ultimate event to end every week in style.
Laughter resonates, sunlight hits the table, the moment sparkles, taste buds tingle, fountains murmur to the rhythm of conversation…a simply magnificent Sunday.