Royal Mansour Spa hairstylist Jérôme Philibert shares a variety of hair recipes that you can easily make at home using simple and natural ingredients. Today’s article will show you how to prepare an anti-dandruff remedy and explain all the benefits of the treatment and its ingredients.

DIY: anti-dandruff hair mask

To prepare the anti-dandruff hair mask mix 3 to 5 tbsp of coconut oil et 2 tbsp of freshly pressed lemon juice. Apply the treatment on roots and thoroughly massage the scalp in gentle circular motions to remove dead skin cells. Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off with shampoo.

Benefits of the anti-dandruff treatment

Dandruff builds up rather unsightly white flakes caused by dead skin cells, often generates itchiness and can become quite persistent. Dandruff is mainly caused by a fungus (pityriasis), that sheds and constantly replaces the skin on the scalp. The hair growth cycle is made up of different stages and every 21 days, new hair begins to grow. Dandruff speeds up the cycle and can reduce the 21-day stage from 5 to 7 days instead. Therefore, dead cells are not evacuated properly and inevitably causes the skin to flake. For that reason, it is necessary to find a treatment that specifically targets dandruff. The anti-dandruff treatment by Jérôme Philibert will fight off and prevent dandruff from appearing:

  • Coconut oil is amazing for hydrating a dry scalp causing dandruff. Its nourishing properties will also sooth and cleanse the scalp.
  • Lemon contains citric acid, which effectively helps to maintain an optimal pH (by regulating acidity) and keeps the scalp healthy. Lemon is also excellent to reduce sebum production (also causing dandruff). In addition, antibacterial and antifungal properties of lemon act directly on the pityriasis fungus, the main cause for dandruff.