Fleeing any attempt to be defined, Serge Lutens never ceases to shirk an audience that has celebrated him for more than half a century! Photographer, filmmaker, designer, image maker for Dior, Shiseido … The man with the hundred talent (s) – as he likes to call himself- refuses any title, any label. Even “The perfumer” whose name has been attached to since 1992 is no exception to this rule!

A one of a kind visit in the Ochre City

With the same discretion, Serge Lutens has been involved since 1974, in an uninterrupted task. After a trip that took him to Morocco in 1968, he acquired in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech, a ruin with incredible charm. Mirror effect for the one who has been seeking refuge for so long. Mazes, galleries … for several decades, Serge Lutens established an unprecedented bond with the craftsmen and the house, and played with their respective virtuosity. The result is measured: a place to reserve for visitors as demanding as enlightened!

  • MAD 6900 | Access and guided tour of the Serge Lutens House for two people (including a car or a side-car transfer).
  • MAD 1 000 for an extra person.
  • MAD 2 000 for an extra side-car. The seats on sidecars are limited to two.
  • An exclusive experience offered only to the Royal Mansour Marrakech guests.